Boxing at the Fight Capital Gym has something for everyone. Former professional boxer and UNLV Boxing head coach Skipper Kelp and former WBO World Champion "King" David Sample have developed a 4 tier program that fits the needs of anyone wanting to participate in the Sweet Science.
Boxing Classes: High energy classes geared towards fitness and weight loss designed to accommodate all skill levels. Solid boxing fundamentals are taught and drilled daily without the bumps and bruises. Heavy bags, speed bags, mitts and double end bags are the enemy.  
Boxing Spar Class: Controlled sparring for members to get the full boxing experience. A trainer is the referee and monitors the sparring to minimize injury and control any mismatching. This class is designed to give members a chance to apply the techniques they've learned in real speed against another person without the egos!  
Amateur Boxing Team: Dedicated boxing team that competes in matches and tournaments all over the world. The Fight Capital Boxing team develops young fighters to reach the highest level of amateur boxing in hopes of winning Olympic gold.
Professional Boxing: Manage and train professional boxers on the highest level.



Fight Capital MMA Gym offers Mixed Martial Arts Classes for beginners to professionals! 


Fight Capital's Boxing Program is the Best in Las Vegas! Our Expert coaches will teach you the skills and techniques of Boxing!


Fight Capital's Jiu Jitsu program offers you technical training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! 


Fight Capital's Muay Thai Program offers top notch Muay Thai training! Come learn fro the best in Las Vegas! 


Fight Capital's Judo Program will teach you the art of Judo by top coachs with decades of experience! 


Fight Capital's Fitness Program will teach you how to condition your body like a professional fighter! 

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